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Can't Log Into Editor Mode

Anyone else having issues with the ?edit url to log into the editor mode? I can fill out the password but the email field is selectable but nothing can be typed into it.


Yes, same issue. Is there a way to report this?

Sorry to hear that! But glad it’s not just me. I did email them … we’ll see I guess …

Our clients call as about this bug. Could this be fixed asap?!

Just got the following form support:

"I am happy to help here. Thanks for reporting this issue that has come up during a recent update. Our team is working on a fix and this will be deployed shortly.

I will update again to confirm, however it may be fixed in the next half hour."

Having browser cookies issues with several of our clients when logging in to the editor and the normal work arounds didn’t seem to help them.

**following thread

In other news, the Webflow Status page once again gives zero information:

I subscribed to Webflow status updates, but there was no need.

Should be fixed now!

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