Can't link up the contact form from a bought template

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Hi @GotoTaylor would love to help you on this but will need some details in regards to what your trying to achieve here? Would you mind further describing the problem?

Hi Tim,
The template had a pre-made contact form, I’m trying to link it up to an email address but I can’t actually seem to find where to link it up. I’ve previously made my own contact form and had no problem in linking it up but I can’t seem to find my way around this pre-made one.

Hi @GotoTaylor, it sounds like you might be looking for the Forms tab in Site Settings.

  1. From your site, press the Webflow/hamburger menu button on the top-left, and choose Site Settings.

  1. Go to the Forms section and input your Notification Settings.

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Thanks @McGuire I think this is maybe what your look for @GotoTaylor

Amazing, thanks for your help! :grin:

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