Cant link to a single page?

Trying to fix my slider, i needed to add link manually cant figure out the automatic stuff. But the page I am looking to link is under tjenester/page I can only find the collection page not the single pages?

My site:

If you want link single page collection item like specific item then you have get the link of that page then add custom link field paste that url in that field for the specific page this method should assist you in achieving your goal.
I hope this will help you

what is this?

Make it clear, you want to link the card to page. which page?

Hello, right now i can only select a collection which is = tjenester (services). inside this collection I have several tjenester (services) I want to link directly to one of my service page inside that collection

Its very bad if webflow only have this solution, this means that when i want to use preview to show clients i have to use preview links for each page, and change when i publish. also it has load webflow on new when i use the webflow preview links.

Let’s suppose you want to link to a collection page that is actually at the path;

To do this, you use the link to URL setting;


And give the relative path;


When you publish this to staging, or publish it to your public site, it will link correctly with no changes.

Publish the site to show your clients, certain types of navigation do not function well in designer preview mode.