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Can't link button to a popup

Hi guys … i have a popup window
which works well with contact us button (navbar)
but i can’t figure how to link same popup to a book agent button on the agents page
Can you help me out with this?
Since old interactions are gone it’s so unclear hot to select different elemnt by click
Thanx in advance!

Here is my site Read-Only:

Hi @Funkaholik

Old interactions are not gone - and will apparently stay around on sites that have them even when they are (eventually) phased out. See @thesergie response here: Legacy Interactions - NO!

What I think you need to do is select the book agent button, then go to the interactions panel, then select legacy interactions, and you should get the option to apply them from there…

Does that help?

i’ve tried that before but i can’t select any of legacy interactions because they aren’t selectable …(

Hi @Funkaholik

Try a slightly different way - go to the agent page, then interactions and legacy.

Then click the agent button - that seems to open them up…

Superb … can i select multiple or only one from the list?

Sort of…so you can only assign one from the list - but that ‘one’ can have multiple triggers going on - affecting other elements as well:

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