Can't index pages

I connected webflow to Namescheap
I’m using the automated sitemap
but in google console it won’t index the pages
something is blocking it

what could be the problem?

@AD1 - If you share a valid published URL with us I will take a look to see what the issue might be. If you don’t want to share that publicly then private message me with the URL.

yeah, no problem, here is it,

Maybe you resolved it or misinterpreted what your were seeing?

in the google console it says its not found

So what do you trust more, actual results, or a slow update inside the search console? Since this appears to be an issue with Google I suggest using their support forum for assistance.

Search Console is very specific about search URLs. is not indexed. is.

Typically you’ll get the best results if you setup a domain property in Google Search console so your results are combined.

ok, thanks I’ll try.