Can't have any unique/individual elements on Dynamic pages meaning I cant create a shop

Hi All,

Looking at the dynamic pages it seems a shame that I can’t use them for a shop website.

The reason been you can’t have anything individual on them (outside of the dynamic elements which are generated through the cms)

For example I can create a shop page really well using dynamic pages to add all the product titles, pricing and information etc. However each product page will need it’s own embedded code for the buy now button. - Using shopify Buy Now button embed.

Annoyingly it seems that if I change the embedded code on one page (or anything thats not dynamic on one page) it will change on all pages.

Is my only way around this to create normal pages and manage them myself like i’d have done before the cms/dynamic update.



We’re working on a solution for this. You’ll be able to add field variables in your embed so that on every detail page you’ll have relevant embedded code to that page.


Thanks Sergie,

Good to know :slight_smile: Loving the new CMS otherwise! Great job

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