Can't get Two Drop Down Menus to animate the same way

I’ve got a dropdown menu I’m trying to animate and was able to get the first one going correctly (our team) the 2nd one I’m struggling to get to work… because it’s not behaving with the same interactions. I even tried duplicating and renaming the interactions, but that’s still not working either! Can anyone help me get the “services” dropdown menu to work and animate the same way s the “our team” dropdown? I’m stuck…

Here is my public share link:

Hi @Bodwa

So to do this, you need to make sure the interaction only affects the children, that way, you can re-use it without one interaction trying to affect a different element with the same class name.


Don’t forget to do this on the menu open, and menu close as in the video.

I love the Webflow community so much. Thank you so much @magicmark !!! That solved the problem. And beautifully. thanks for spending a moment to check out this project. I was really beating my head over it.



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You’re very welcome! Glad you’re feeling the Webflow love :webflow_heart: :smiley: It’s great here!

It seems so logical once you know, but figuring it out isn’t always so straight forward sometimes!


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