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Can't Get Rid of These Rounded Cornes

Hi -

Can someone please help diagnose why the class “Download List Wrapper” is throwing rounded corners when I have Borders > Radius set to “0”.

Here is a screenshot:

And a link to the site:

Many thanks!

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Hi @jaymf22

The radius is set on the parent Dropdown list.

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Thanks for the quick reply… But I’m still stuck:

You have the “Dropdown List” set to “Open” >> But I do not see the Open State option anywhere…

Here is a screenshot of what I see:

Hi again Jason @jaymf22

The Open tag appears once you open the dropdown from the Element settings panel. That said, there seems to be an issue with the tag showing up right away. So, once I open the dropdown list, I select any other element within the dropdown then reselect the dropdown list and the tag shows.


@AnnaKelian Thank you so much for tracking this down for me - I’d never have found it without your generous assistance.

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You’re most welcome, Jason! I’m glad we got it resolved.

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