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Can't get past "Let’s turn your website into a store" popup

I am trying to get started with the Ecommerce beta, but hit a snag right out the gate. When presented with the popup “Let’s turn your website into a store”, I click on “Let’s do this”, the popup disappears and reappears immediately.

I had some collections that had been removed and a dependency refresh has been done, but that hasn’t helped so far.

If anyone has suggestions, I’d gladly hear it.

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I am suspecting this is happening because I don’t have CMS enabled on my hosting plan. Can anyone confirm?

I have the same issue. Stuck on this…

Did you try duplicating the project to one that has no hosting plan? Then your enhanced staging should take over and I’d think then you’d be able to use the ecommerce features.

Pretty sure that would work you’re right, but it told me to repurchase the template on duplicating. Thus, I set up a new site re-purposing the same template, which it will allow without buying the template the second time. Once I did that, I was able to enable the ecommerce on the site. Thank you for your response.

It’s extra work, but I was planning to make some changed to my site anyway.

I had a similar problem where I could not get my e-commerce to work despite being a beta tester already. See issue and solution here: Need help setting up E-Commerce


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Yes, Ecommerce requires CMS collections. So you at least need to be on a site/hosting plan that supports CMS collections (even just Enhanced Staging) to turn on Ecommerce. But you will eventually need to upgrade to an Ecommerce plan to enable Checkout.

I hope that helps!