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Cant get pagination to work

Hi Guys,

We are having some problems with pagination.

When you click next it goes here

why is the /posts/ being removed when the pagination button is pressed?

Here is my public share link: LINK
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@laveritalondon - I tested a site where given a collection list displayed on page with the slug /blog, pagination shows /blog?4431e8ae_page=2

This was on a site hosted on webflow.

Please share your read only link.

Read only link

@laveritalondon- Not sure why this is happening on the posts page (where I checked). I suggest disabling pagination and then enabling it on that collection list. Publish and test.

If it does not resolve it, I would open a trouble ticket with Webflow.

thank you very much! :slight_smile:

@laveritalondon - Sounds like that resolved your issue. Let me know so we can mark this as solved if that is the case.

No, didnt resolve it at all, Still broken!

Please open a trouble ticket with webflow.

I have done. Waiting for a reply

It looks like you have a base tag ( set on your site (under advanced settings in the “Custom Code” tab of site settings) which has really narrow use cases and can break lots of features like this. Is it possible to remove the base tag?


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