Can't get my form to be compatible with autofill date

I have been trying to get my form to allow iphone to autofill the date of birth but I cant figure it out. All of the other aspects (name, gender, address) all autofill. Can someone help me? Is there a keyword I’m missing?

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Hi Jorge, welcome to the forum.

It helps tremendously if you share a readonly link to your project, and a link to your published site so we can see what configuration you’re trying to use, and to help you find a solution.

In HTML5, the autocomplete attribute can be placed on an input element to indicate the type of value you’d like the browser to supply.

For birthdays, these are recognized values;

  • bday - A birth date, as a full date.
  • bday-day - The day of the month of a birth date.
  • bday-month - The month of the year of a birth date.
  • bday-year - The year of a birth date.

However at that point, it’s entirely up to the browser as to whether it will choose to supply that data, and whether it knows that about the current user.

Birthdates in particular seem to be restricted by many browsers.

Apologies, here is the read only link