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Can't get my computer to see my website, help!

A couple of days ago I pointed my domain name to my Webflow hosting account.

The site displays correctly on my laptop, iPhone and iPad, in fact every device I try it on, apart from my main machine, an iMac.

I’ve tried:

  • Flushing the DNS cache
  • Rebooting my router
  • Clearing my browser caches
  • Using another network

I’m pretty sure it must be a computer based issue, all of my devices (and friends) work.

Any ideas on what may be the cause?

If you are facing this type of issue then maybe there is problem with your computer or your browser.

I would look at the output of the Network Utility App -> Lookup.

Compare your DNS settings on that machine to the others. Also make sure you did not add a static entry in /Macintosh HD:private:etc:hosts since that will be the first result.