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Can't get close-pixelate.js to work in Webflow (image processing in HTML5 canvas)

I need to apply a dotted pixel/mosaic effect on some images and I’ve tested out the close-pixelate.js library on my computer. It works fine untill I implement it in Webflow. It creates a canvas but not the effect. I’ve read that it can only affect images on the same domain/server but the images I’ve tried on is uploaded in the project assets, so it should be on the same domain/server, right?

Heres a link to the library:
The webflow url:

Peter Bartel

Hi Peter,

Just wondering if you ever figured this out? I’m also having trouble getting a canvas that draws an image to work in Webflow and wondering if you figured out whether you can use the project assets or if you had to host your images somewhere else and how you did it etc?