Can't get an enlarge and close functionality to work

Was hoping one of you guys could help me out on my current project.

Preview Link:

In my Collection Page Templates, I’m building out the Dining and Drinks Template.

It’s going OK, but I’ve hit a snag in trying to get a pop-up image to work. Can you help me and see what I’m missed to make this work?

With the small photo of a meal, what is supposed to happen is that when you click on it:

  1. It opens in new screen. It’s opening, but with multiple images and not centered.

  2. The X closing button in the top right, is supposed to slide down into view and it doesn’t.

  3. And when I click the X it doesn’t close the screen.

Here is my public share link: LINK
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I have literally worked on one page all day and still can’t get it to work. I would so appreciate it if someone could help me figure out what I’m doing wrong. The problem is with the photo gallery.

I finally got the magnifying glass clicks to work (but only live, they won’t work in Webflow). But the pictures that “pop” up are too big, not centered and the close buttons don’t show. I’m sure I’ve missed something obvious that one of your Webflow studs will know how I can fix.

Please help a brother out.


Can you regenerate your read only link? The old one isn’t working any longer. I’d like to take a look @ this.


Sure thing @itbrian40

Thanks for responding

What page are you talking about?

In my Collection Page Templates. The Dining and Drinks Template. And the issue is with the gallery on that page.

OK, I was reading your second post and didn’t read the first because I thought you had the issue in the first one fixed. Sorry, my mistake. I’ll look this over and see if I can find out what’s happnin’.

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Thanks. I would greatly, greatly appreciate it.

Looks like you have this fixed now. I can open and close the graphic in Webflow and the picture is centered on open. Can you confirm?

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