Can't find the overflow issue

Hey everyone, I build a lot of sites, but on this site, I can’t find the issue which is causing my overflow. Any ideas?

I’ve noticed, that as soon the site gets higher as 100vh than the overflow starts

Published Site:

@Tom_Pranke - Hi and welcome. Things are much easier for us when you share a published URL in addition to the Read-Only when experiencing issues on the published site. Please update your post if you can.

Please share next time, but I was able to guess your published site domain.

At least one cause seems to be Container 81 which has width and max-width of 100vw. That’s creating the horizontal scrollbar.

In my experience that’s a common issue when the page is long enough to show a vertical scrollbar. Remove that, you shouldn’t need width at all for a full-width DIV, but try 100% if you do.

Alright, I’ve updated it!

I’ve changed iit, but seems that there is another issue!

Not surprising, keep looking for those 100vw’s. You may have several.

Looking at your published site link though, I don’t see anything that looks off. There is no horizontal scrollbar on chrome any longer with that change.

you are using transform animation that’s why it shows the horizontal scroll please wrap all the blocks into a single block and the horizontal overflow hide That is the solution to your problem. Thanks