Can't find the option to link to a page AND show a dropdown in navbar

I’m working on a transfer from Wix to Webflow and completely rebuilding the site. I’m trying to recreate a lot of the functionality from the previous site, mainly the navbar. I am able to get the subpage dropdown when hovering a navlink in the navbar, but when I click the navlink that I am hovered over, it doesn’t load a page, it just closes and opens the subpage dropdown. Webflow isn’t allowing me the option to link to a page AND show a dropdown.

Here is the link to check out the current website I’m working on transferring ( If you hover over contact us or appointments, you can see you can click the subpage dropdown AND click the navlink you are hovering over, taking you to two completely different pages. This is what I cannot seem to recreate.
Screenshot 2024-02-12 151000