Can't find the Hidden Secrets

For the life of me I can’t find why there is spacing between blocks on my site between these horizontal blocks such as below the home page hero and between the partner blocks on the Team page. Help?

If there is ever extra space, the first place to look is usually at the margin and padding settings applied to various items in the hierarchy.

For the home page you have a margin top of 98px applied to the “IntroBlockRealEstate” element. You can remove the extra space by adjusting this. A setting of “60” seems to work.

For the gap between the partners blocks on the team page you have padding top set to 27px on the “RayBlock” element. If you set this to “0” the gap will be removed.

You may need to adjust padding and margin settings for every breakpoint to make sure the design works at every screen size.

Thanks! OK, here’s another mystery, when I go mobile, the mid section on the home page with the full-width photo of the couch disappears. I’ve rebuilt this page a few times in case I have it hidden on mobile but I don’t see anywhere I can click “do not hide” or anything like that. I’ve tried all sorts of positions and I see it popping around but won’t just stay still under the top block.

The section is still there but it is behind other sections that take up more vertical space on smaller screens. If you want to control more complex layouts responsively I would maybe take a look at using CSS grid layouts.

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