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Can't find modal in editor to get rid of it

I am having trouble with an auto popup modal. When accessing the page for the first time it will pop up on screen, however in the editor I can’t find the section where this modal is to get rid of it.

Has anyone else experienced a similar issue?

We’ve all been there losing elements inside a page that get’s too complex and full of stuff. But that doesn’t mean that the element isn’t there haha. Can you share the link to your live website and also for the read-only version, so we can help you with your issue?

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Here’s the link to the website, I started it off by cloning a prebuilt site that had a modal.

I checked and double checked and can’t find the element. I also copied all the elements on the page into a new website and the modal doesn’t show up on the new site.

I am not too deep into this project so it’s easy enough to just go forward with the new site, but just wanted to figure out what the deal is with this mystery modal.

Go to your project settings (And also your page settings too) and make sure to remove all the code that you don’t plan on using. It seems like that modal has something to do with a script that is related to Facebook.

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It was in the page settings, gone now.

Thanks for the help!

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