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Can't find hidden section to delete

Working on a site created by someone else. There is a hidden section (css for section has display: none !important;), so when I try to find the section to delete in WebFlow, I can’t find it. Any help as to how to locate so I can delete?

a few lines of the html that I can see in browser inspector:

<div class="w-hidden-main w-hidden-medium w-hidden-small w-hidden-tiny w-row" <div class="column-51 w-col w-col-6" <div class="container-41 w-container" <a href="/poultry" class="link-block-12 w-inline-block"

Poultry ...

(purposely left of end of html codes to be able to paste in here)

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
(how to share your site Read-Only link)

Maybe there’s some custom styling done in the page custom code fields you can remove first?2020-03-28 23_46_58-Webflow - BioXyTran Inc.

Anyway you need to share your read-only for anyone to be able to have a look.