Can't find connected reference field's content in one of the CMS template

Hi there,

I am trying to create a template for the categories in the CMS collection page. I have linked the categories up with the blog posts through reference field but when I am trying to pull the content from there, it doesn’t show any content. When I am not linked up to the blog post references, I can drag in heading or rich text, it will show up just fine, but once I linked them up, the purple tag goes to the top left corner of the page with nothing there. Anyone has an idea?

Another question is that after I create these pages, how can I connect them with the static pages?

Thanks a lot in advance!

Hi Daphne, you’ll want to share your link and let us know exactly where you’re seeing this for us to know what you’ve done;

But when you see an element “disappear” the top left, it means it’s been hidden. My guess would be your filter settings, or possibly the specific Category you’re viewing on the collection page doesn’t contain any blog posts yet, therefore it shows as empty when you link it up.

The normal way to do this is-

  • Create categories collection
  • Create blog posts collection
  • Add a Single-Ref field TO the blog posts collection, whcih refs the category collection
  • Populate it, so each post has a category
  • On your category collection page, drop a collection list, and bind it to blog posts
  • Create and bind your blog post elements in there
  • Filter that collection list to Blog Post category = current category