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Can't find center DIV as seen in Video Tutorials

I started watching the “how to make a Portfolio” tutorials and everything was going good, except within the first minute or so, the instructor shows how to ‘center’ a DivBlock’; …he clicks in the ‘Spacing’ Editor tab area and mine doesn’t match the one in the demo video. In the right lower corner of the Spacing Tab, there is a ‘center’ icon thingy (Spacing/Margin/Padding) sadly, my Webflow version doesn’t have this little ‘centering’ icon… is this because I am in trial mode? Is there a newer/ more updated way to centering a DIV within a container? Am I missing something?

Thank you Peers!

I think you would be better off not using the new beta panel while watching tutorials - they were made for the old panel version. Click the “style panel beta” to turn it off.


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