Can't figure out why multiple javascripts are showing up when website is analyzed

I use a site to check the SEO structure of my sites as I build them to make sure everything is as optimized as possible. For some unknown reason the last two sites I started working on are showing 4 java script files despite me adding no custom code and not adding any animations yet. I can not seem to figure out where this files are coming from, has anyone else experienced this? How do I find where these javascript files are coming from?

You’ll see webflow.js and jquery at a minimum on a naked Webflow site.
Probably others.

Your browser extensions often insert others as well, but these would only affect your in-browser experience.

Will this affect the ranking of the website?

Do you mean the inclusion of webflow.js and jquery?
I can’t answer that, but my expectation is that it’s fairly negligible.

Every site publishing framework has its own design- Webflow’s uses a custom JS lib and jquery.

Try publishing a blank Webflow page and run it through Google Lighthouse if you want to learn more about how it sees that base infrastructure.