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Cant figure out how to send a layer to the back

I am trying to move the green spot behind the text and make it scale. I allready tried changing it z position with a child perspektive on the parent section wich didnt work. Right now im just very confused and frustrated. If anyone could help solving this that would be great.

Here is my site Read-Only:

Hi - welcome to the forum :webflow_heart:

What do you mean by

make it scale

Do you want the background to be bigger and the text stay the same size? Do you want to use interaction? elaborate your issueue :slight_smile:

I already figured that one out, I wanted it to cover the background of the text as it scales. the remaining problem is the hierarchy. the dot is supposed to act as a background but I cant get the text layer on the top.

Is that effect you try to achieve?

no im sorry, im not talking about the nav bar, if you scrol down, theres the green spot i mean I just need it to be behind the text not infront of it.