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Can't export code

i have already upgraded to the LITE plan,
but still get the “upgrade message”,
when I try to export.

I’ve logged out of my account and in again
but still can’t export.

I created this website while it was in
the free version. I wonder if that has
something to do. I hope I don’t have to
rebuild this website again…


Hey @starcrawler69,

I am not sure about this issue! Seems super strange, but maybe you can try this.

  • Cloning Project and then trying
  • Going Incognito so you can try without any extensions

If that doesn’t work and you’re certainly active I’d just email to support here

They’ll be able to sort it out.



Hi @starcrawler69

It sounds like you may have purchased a Site Plan ( like CMS hosting) rather than a Lite plan. We’re happy to get this sorted for you — can you please reach out to us here with more details?

​Thanks in advance!

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