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Can't export a site with 20 pages or more

Resently i made a site with 24 pages, and it can’t be exported, and i dont know what to do.

It can be see here:

I have other sites with less than 20 pages, and it exported well.

I try to export the 24 pages site in 2 different PCs but it doesn’t working. Always gets stuck with the loader. See the image below:

Please help to solve this problem.

I always use Chrome last version to work.

Hi @Jaime, it looks like it’s just very slow. I got it to appear about 50 seconds after pressing export. Have you tried to wait a few minutes for it to complete? Also, be sure to check your Chrome Console to see if there are any errors.

This is a huge site, so that’s why it’s taking so long to complete. We will be working on speeding this up in the future - thanks for your patience in the meantime!

Thanks for your answer @callmevlad

When i try to export the site, i waited more than 20 minutes and nothing happens. Always freezes in the loader screen… this is a really big problem because the site needed to be programmed for an important client… pls heeelp!!

Hi @Jaime, can you contact me at I’ll make sure to send you the latest export, and will try to find out more about what’s going on. Thanks!

EDIT: It turns out this was an issue with our HMTL beautifier (the code that makes the exported code nicely formatted) taking a very long time for your site (since each of your pages are quite big and there are a lot of them). What we ended up doing is moving that bit so that it happens in your browser locally, and not on the server - that way you get a nice progress message as your pages are processed, and we don’t run the risk of timing out your export request (as was happening before). Can you try refreshing your page and re-exporting the site?

Thanks alot for your support @callmevlad the site was exported very well now…