Can't edit the text in the Home button of my nav bar

Hi everyone!
I am new to Webflow and would love to know the fix for this.

I cannot edit the text on the home button in my navigation bar. Every time I double-click, it takes me to the HTML embed code editor. I can edit the text on the buttons for other pages like Work and About by double-clicking them. Does anyone have a fix for this?


Here is my read-only link:

It’s cause the nav-logo have inside a SVG (embed) of course is not text block.

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hi @Steven_Santiago-Pere and welcome, as @Bimbi mentioned text is created with SVG. There are two possible solutions.

  1. remove embed element and replace it with text or link element and add custom characters (text).
  2. keep embed and write custom HTML element eg. <h1> <p> etc.

I presume that first solution will be more suitable for you :wink:

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