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Can't edit page (navbar) after setting page as new "Home"

hello there

i have a weird problem. this is what i did:

  1. i had a page marked as home.
  2. then i made an new page.
  3. after editing i made this the new “home” page.
  4. made even more changes and also to the navbar which is a symbol
    5 somehow the changes i made to the “home” won’t be published to this site anymore =>
    more likely i cant see the old page (before it was the “home”) but i can still access it.

Everything is fine when i access <= name before it was the home?

You can see the changes in the navbar i made. there are 2 new language switching links.

Can someone explain this to me? Or how can i access/delete the “old” page?

Picture with settings of “Home”: => has the language switching links => has no switching links… but i can not see this page anymore in my editor