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Can't edit links to social icons in the footer

Can’t edit links to social icons in the footer

Was able to add email and Vimeo account only

Here is my public share link:



Not sure I understand you’re problem really here, but looking from what you’ve provided, there’s seem to be link blocks missing for the Facebook, Soundcloud and Twitter icons because the mouse pointer don’t change when you hover over them.

If you prove a read-only link to your project it will be much easier to investigate :slight_smile:

Here you go:

Hi Steven,
I added the links containers to the social netw images, but i still can’t edit the field to input my own links.


Your link doesn’t work :confused:
Can you regenerate it?



Okay, thanks! Well the problem is that your icons are not inside a link block. That’s why you can’t add a link to your icons. You got a “Social Icon Link” link block below your three “Social Icon Link”, but you have to duplicate the link block two more times and put the images inside of them, like this:

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I did as you suggested and I still can’t input my social account links.

This is my preview page:

I’m frustrated because it really should be a no-brainer to add such a basic element.

Hmm, okay, what do you mean with social account links?
I’ve seen your preview page and I’ve got no problems at all accessing your links.

On another note; you got some unnecessary settings on your link blocks. I suggest removing any pixel width and add that pixel width to your control the size of your icons instead. In that way you get more control over your design.

I’ve noticed now that your icons already are 30x30 px big. So if you intend to keep them in that size, remove the pixel width because it won’t make any difference. You should also make the icons twice as big (they are now 30x30) because if you don’t use the HiDPI option, they will be blurry on retina screens like iPhone and iPads. So make them 60x60 and use the HiDPI setting.

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