Can't edit conditionally visible fields on a static page

[EDIT] Never mind, I’ve figured it out! Thank you.

Hi, there! I’m having a lot of trouble trying to edit certain conditionally visible elements on a static page. I’m trying to do this on a form — please see the read-only for context

I’d like to, for instance:

  • Edit the content of a tooltip that displays only upon hovering over a certain image (the ? symbol in my read-only link below)
  • Edit labels associated with optional form fields that only display when other, default-visible form fields are filled out in a certain way

In all instances, I can locate the element I’d like to change in the Navigator. But I’m unable to manipulate it in any way.

I’ve already browsed the forum and read loads of posts on conditional visible, hidden texts, hidden form fields, interaction states, and so forth, but I’m afraid I still can’t make it work. I’d appreciate any help!