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Can't design mobile page without affecting design of desktop page


Just reaching out to get help concerning the design of my page on Webflow. Every time I change the design of my page on Mobile it’s affecting the design of my Desktop page.

I just want to keep my page on Desktop as it is as you can see on the following Webflow link → Webflow - Drover Club (Holster Key Clips Collection).

Nevertheless, I would like to always show Images at the top of the text on the Mobile page. The issue is that every time I change the disposition of content under the mobile page in order to make Images at the top of the text it’s messing up the disposition of the content on the Desktop page.

Is anyone can help me out, please?
Also bear in mind that I don’t want to duplicate content as it will damage my SEO.

Many thanks in advance for your help,
Aurélien, from Drover Club

Hi @Drover, thanks for the post.

I would as a suggestion try to give your Arguments_container class some style overrides on the mobile portrait viewport:

Shared with CloudApp

It is possible to reverse the direction of flex child elements to switch the text and image position.

I hope this helps.

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Hi @cyberdave, thank you for the quick tips! It works wonderfully.

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