Can't deselect Google Analytics Global Site Tag


For some reason, I can’t deselect the GA Global Site tag in webflow. See short video here:

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Any help would be much appreciated, thank you.


Just giving this a bump. Webflow support, can you advise me asap please. Thank you.

Looks like it’s always on if it’s an ecommerce site.

Hi @tom87

Thanks for your reply.

The thing is, it’s not an ecommerce site though. It’s a mortgage broker website. I’ve never paid for the ecommerce upgrade.


Have you tried pasting a tracking ID into the field above to see if it becomes deselectable again?

Hi @tom87

Ah, that’s worked. Should have thought of that, I was thrown by no GA ID being present with the switch on. Thanks for your help Tom, I really appreciate it.


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