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Can't delete text in Editor

How do I delete text in the Editor? I’ve created a detailed timetable with fillable text boxes that need to be constantly updated, but I can’t seem to delete existing text, only add new text in or replace text. When in Editor mode, I can delete text and it goes away, but the text always comes back after hitting Publish so it isn’t actually deleted. The page in question is in the Schedule page.

Here is my site Read-Only:
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Just to add some more info, I can’t even Publish if all I do is delete text in the Editor. This is really weird, as I need the Editor to be able to delete all text within a timetable div entirely so that it collapses and doesn’t take up as much space.
This is the div with text in:
I can delete text and it shows as erased:
But I can’t Publish and nothing is saved?? The Publish button is greyed out:

I’m not sure how else to have the timetable other than the current format, where text and images can be replaced in each timeslot div and deleted as necessary. Filtered dynamic lists would have been best, but I ran into the 20 max dynamic lists per page limit.

Any help would be much appreciated, thank you!!

Hi @corknut

The CMS editor won’t accept leaving a P tag blank. You must put in a character in there. As an alternative character, you can click inside the text box, delete the text, then hold SHIFT then press SPACEBAR.

This will give you a   in the code. Which will act as a blank space.

Also, I noticed that when testing your site, the changes take a while to save since you have a lot of elements on there. Just give the browser some time to save the changes after you click outside of the text box.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

PS - maybe try embedding a third-party tool that makes showing and maintaining schedules easier. Try Googling something like “embed schedule”


I’ll give it a try, thank you so much for the prompt response! I looked into embedded schedules before, but unfortunately none of them were exactly what we needed, so for now we’re stuck with the current timetable.

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