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Can't delete Page


I can’t delete a page I created in PAGES. I have two pages, a main one and a second one. The second one I can’t delete. I can alter it’s name, SEO stuff, etc. But I can’t delete and/or Save.

I cleared all Chrome Browser cache, thoroughly.

PS: I cleared the browser cache because I saw a page appear from one Webflow account-website I am working on in another Webflow account-website I am working on, on the same computer. REALLY! :wink:


Ok, first of all, because I’ve seen two of your posts already… We need a troubleshooting link which is under the DASHBOARD. That link you’re giving us is your custom link on which you’re working on your browser. Pin @thesergie and @brryant to this post and give us a project name + troubleshooting link :slight_smile:


The projectname is OmniPLabs. I included the Troubleshooting link from the Dashboard. Check pic below.

@thesergie and @brryant

Hey @MartinB what happens when you try to delete the page? Is there an error or does absolutely nothing happen?

Yes I get a confirmation (do you want to permanently… ). Then nothing happens. Page still exists. Retry, nothing. I tried clearing cache. I tried restart. It seems there’s a connection between accounts being used on the same computer (Mac in this case). Because I renamed a page. And that page appeared in the website under a different account. That’s when I though something with cache going on.

I tried deleting that page with via Safari. Nothing. I tried creating a page and deleting it with a different project. No problem.


Hmmm, we haven’t run into anything like this before. So both of these accounts are free accounts?

Can you try to disable your chrome extensions and see if that clears it up?

Also with Chrome Extensions disabled I can’t delete that page.

Can you delete it for me?

We aren’t able to delete pages for our users.

I understand. Case closed :wink:

Scratch that @MartinB! See if it’s deleted now.

Yes! Thanks for that.