Can't delete page or element or page trigger elements

All of a sudden I’m not able to remove a page nor element trigger from the console. I used to be able to hover over the trigger and a trash can would appear but I no longer see a trash can on hover. Is this a webflow bug?


Same here. Tried closing/reopening the project Designer window and restarting Chrome entirely but the issue persists. Was working fine earlier today :man_shrugging:

Pinging @matthewpmunger to see if he can give some insight.

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Yes same issue happening for me also… Very frustrating

Yes same issue happening for me also… Help :frowning:

Same here. Tried multiple browsers. Multiple Webflow sites. Can’t delete any trigger.

Just noticed this too. Can’t delete triggers. There used to be a little bin icon I think when you hover over one.

Same here. Hope there will be a quick fix…placing a new div, moving every content in und adding every interaction again isn’t very handy.

same for me. I am not able to remove interactions

Just got a response from Webflow. They are aware of the issue and sent me a screencast of a temporary workaround (not fix). Basically just create a new, empty animation for the trigger.

I recently received a reply from Webflow. They sent me a screencast 13 of a temporary remedy because they are aware of the problem (not fix). In essence, just make a brand-new, blank animation for the trigger.