Cant delete or locate collection fields

Hi there,

In my collection notices i am trying to delete the fields “feature on parent portal and feature image” but i am unable to locate any bindings on the site.

Here is my site Read-Only:
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Hey @pdccreative, if you can point me to where in the site the Notices collection list is being used. Then hopefully I’ll be able to help you track the binding down.

Hi @pdccreative

It looks like there are two steps that need to be taken to remove the notices collection:

  1. Delete the items

  2. Delete this collection list:

Then save the project and you should be able to delete the collection.

Hope this helps!

Hi Brando,

Thanks for your reply, I am referring just to the two fields “feature on parent portal and feature image”. I am wanting to keep the collection itself.


Ah sorry for misreading your original post.

I was able to delete the feature image field without issue. It looks like the home page has a collection list using the feature switch though:

Once that collection list is deleted you can delete the feature switch field as well.

I’ve also hard refreshed your dynamic bindings from this end to ensure you can remove those without issue.

Hope this helps!

Great appreciate the help !

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