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Can't delete fields in a collection, but I am not using those fields anywhere

I understand you can’t delete fields in a collection if they are already bound somewhere. The problem I am having is that I have two fields I want to delete from my site, that I can’t find bound anywhere on the site, and it still won’t let me delete these fields. I get this error when I try:

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I am trying to delete the Photo Taken and Short Description field from the Projects Photos collection

Do you have to remove the binding of the entire collection or just individual fields?? I thought it was the latter. How do I do this now given there is a lock on that binding now? Do I have to delete everything and start over?? Please tell me that isn’t the case (sweats on the inside)

Here is my public share link:

Found two usages of short description

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Thank you @samliew. I didn’t even think to look in the page settings section…now I know. What is very strange though is that after I deleted the one reference to short description in the Project Photos template section I was then able to delete BOTH the short description field and the Photo Taken field, which I could not do before. Odd.

You probably were already able to delete the photo taken field separately, just not together with the description field.