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Can't delete field

webflow tells me, the filed “Hervorgehoben” is in use… but look at the message: there are no connections shown…

Bildschirmfoto 2020-06-28 um 14.16.35

How can I delete this field anyway?


@Nine this message is usually related to some live connections the website has.

Please check that the page of the CMS or any page you place a CMS collections does not have this field as a reference. (There’s a tip tool that tells you in what page you can find the reference)

Also, check if theres a connection with another collection because this will make it imposible to delete. Once you clear all the connections with the website, you may be able to remove it.

This is made to avoid any lose ends with collections.

Hope you find it!


I know what this message means… My problem is: there is no hint, on which page the field is referenced :roll_eyes:


It usually tells you a hint when you try to delete it. It should say where is the connection made. If you showcase the website I may be able to help you.