Can't Delete CMS Elements from Site

So I’m new to Webflow and my ultimate goal is to delete all CMS elements from my site (Tile Design Template) so that I can purchase the Basic plan which has no CMS support. I do not plan on using any of the CMS elements considering the site is a simple portfolio so it would be a waste to buy any other plans.

I found a forum post that informed me to delete all my collections and dynamic content to get rid of the built in CMS but unfortunately, while I was building my site in the free trial, I deleted the static pages that had the CMS content on it, in hopes that it would free up more pages for me to use since the max had already been reached when I started the template (Deleting these two static pages did nothing and still said I had a max amount of pages despite having deleted two of them).

When I go to delete the collections and the items that reside in them, I get an error message saying that the items are being used on the pages I have deleted (the Blog and Portfolio pages). I no longer have access to these pages to delete the items from and so I don’t know how to actually delete the items from the site now.

If anyone has an idea on how to proceed I would really appreciate it!

@agilli23 can you share a preview link?

Here you go!


The blog and projects templates are still populated with CMS. You need to delete them all.

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Alright Awesome! Thank you @Anna_Kelian I ended up deleting the items from the template which let me clear out all CMS elements in the site! Now when I go to the pricing, the Basic plan is now available to me! Thank you again!

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Welcome Ashley @agilli23

Glad I could help :blush:

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