Can't Delete Checkout Page, Showing up on Google

Hi there,

I am unable to delete or unpublish my Checkout page. I only realized this because I saw that this Checkout page was showing up in an automatically-created google ad.

Any ideas on how to remove this page or stop it from showing up in a google ad?

I have already selected “exclude this page from site search results”. I have also tried to set a 301 redirect but webflow won’t let me because “/checkout is already a page for this project”.

In the meantime, I’m going to edit the page so it looks like our about page… but that seems like a terrible workaround.

Here is my site: [mod edit: removed per request]

FYI: That switch only affects the internal site search function, not external search engine visibility.

Are you using Webflow commerce or is this an artifact from enabling it previously?

You can always use a custom code meta tag to tell search engines not to index a page by placing the code below in the document head.
<meta name="robots" content="noindex" />

Hey Jeff! Thanks for the quick reply.

I will add that custom code in now.

We are not using webflow ecommerce – I believe the template we started with (Architecture X - Architecture HTML5 Responsive Website Template) has ecommerce though.

@Otto - Once e-com is enabled on a project you can’t disable it. There is additional JavaScript loaded in addition to the pages created. Just something to consider when picking templates.

Wow, that’s unfortunate! Well, I guess my workaround + your custom code will have to do. Thanks again for your help.