Can't delete an empty, not linked collection list


I first disconnected the collection items from the pages, followed with deleting all collection items and then tried to delete the entire collection list, but it keeps saying:

“This collection has fields used by either a Collection List on the site or inside a Collection Page and cannot be deleted. Use the View Connections modal to easily locate and remove these connections.”

But View Connections shows this:

And doesn’t show any connections, I looked trough the custom code, api stuff etc. to look if it was something there but couldn’t find a connection.

In the Read Only link I want to delete the collection “Delete”

Read Only link: Webflow - PCC Racingteam


Hey @PCC_Racing_Team welcome to the forum and thanks for posting here. Just want you to know that I’m looking into it.

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This seems like a technical issue. We need to escalate this to support and discuss your private account details. They can hopefully take actions on the backend to fix this issue. Could you please contact our Customer Support Team at

One of our Customer Support Team Specialists will be able to investigate and respond via email! Thank you so much!