Can't delete a collection that's empty


I’ve deleted all posts from a few collections and want to delete them completely. Some I could delete, others I was told I could not delete with the following message:

Cannot delete this collection as it is used in bindings

I checked my whole site up and down and removed all the dynamic lists I could find that were still linked to those empty collections, but it still gives me that error message.


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maybe you have single elements that will have their names from a dynamic collection? (not elements within dynamic lists, but single ones? In one of your template collection pages?

I’ll have to look…wish there was a less tedious way of doing it…

Yeah i m afraid there isnt. Open up all tree structures and look for some purple colored elements.

Ok Thanks mate. G-d bless

yoramraz1 - did you have any luck taking care of this issue? I’m having the same one, after starting with a template called weCare. I created my own Collections, not touching the ones that that template came with, and now that I’m about to deliver the site to my client I cannot delete the built-in templates. I have deleted all the data in each collection, and have scoured my site for any bindings for the old Collections.

Some people have suggested that this issue clears itself up after a time (perhaps it’s a bug) but it hasn’t, for me.

If anyone else has any other suggestions, I’d be so grateful!

Hey :smile:
I managed to delete one of the 3 collections for some reason…
The other 2 I have no idea what to do about them…

I contacted the Team and they released a fix that might help you out, just yesterday. If you’re still looking to delete that last Collection! Good luck and thanks for your response!

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Hey guys!

The fix that we pushed recently cleans up any broken relations between fields and nodes in your website. It doesn’t however fix the dynamic object being linked to a node.

For those of you still experiencing the issue with collection or field removal, please send us a message at with preview link (Share a read-only link | Webflow University) and the name of the field and/or collection that you’re trying to remove.


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