Cant create a cover page

I tried to make the images that I uploaded into background images so they would cover the complete screen. I created a class, then clicked on background, but nothing happens. I manually adjusted the width to 1350, but it looks stretched, and does not look good on mobile devices. Please advise

Hello @innermedia

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Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

I tried to be as descriptive as possible. When uploading images I cannot make them a cover page. I am uploading a jpeg files. I’ve created a class, then I click cover and it doesn’t adjust. I then adjust the width manually, but the image stretches and doesn’t look good on mobile devices.

Don’t adjust the width of a background, Click on the background image in the background properties and click on the Cover button.

That is exactly what I did, but its not working.

So we need your public link to see what’s going on, please read the links @PixelGeek provided.

My login is: {deleted}
Password: {deleted}
public url: {deleted}

Its the innermedia copy site. Specifically the Globewatcher and Engagement pages. I had to manually stretch the page.

Sorry, never post your account credentials to anyone.

You need to generate a read only link that allows users to see your site but not save modifications.

Read how to generate it here:

Sorry. Here’s the correct link. Please disregard the prior link.

Thanks but where and what should I look? Can you post a capture of what is going wrong and a description of how it should be?

Look at the engagement and globewatcher pages. I had to add the text prior to uploading the photos because, the cover functions does not work. Also, I had to stretch the pages by manually changing the width. You can find these pages by clicking on the learn more tabs at the bottom of the home page. You will notice how the page look distorted by viewing it from your mobile ph.

Any suggestions? We are anxious to get the site published.

Please advise me on how to publish using our domain. I selected our domain, but when going to it, its not recognized.

Hi @innermedia, regarding the domain questions, to publish the domain, see this video:

To setup your own custom domain to point to your site made in Webflow, see this article:

Regarding the issue with the background image, the read-only link does not appear to be valid, can you check the read-only link ?


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