Cant copy some elements

so i check few projects in showcase and open it
i like some elements and try copy/paste it to my project but it doesnt copy. Why? i can copy elements only from Clonable projects?

Hi @Webfff

That’s correct - essentially the version you are seeing when opening the project is a ‘read-only’ version. The Showcase has two options really - showing your work, and showing work with the added function of making clone-able.

Designers who showcase a site don’t necessarily want to give their work away for free - unless they choose to make it clone-able. That said, you are able to view how they built it and see the settings to apply to your own project (like reverse engineering).

If it’s made clone-able then the Designer is happy for you to clone and use in your own projects.

If all read-only views were ‘copy/paste-able’ then no-one would be able to securely post their links here without worrying about having elements cloned…

Hope that makes sense? :slightly_smiling_face: