Can't copy collection, but can't also copy by imitation because you don't allow 2 tabs open at the same time

When you did not let us simply copy a CMS page with collection bindings, it was annoying. But okay - that’s fine - we have worked for 30 minutes to unbind everything (and 10 minutes before that, to create an exact copy of our CMS collection).

Then, it turned out, before copying, it is not enough to unbind the collections. We had to also remove the collection wrappers or replace it with normal wrappers. Also, conditional visibility is not allowed to copy… okkk… Ok, it took us 30 minutes. Sill copying one page…

Okay, we finally managed to copy the page. All bindings, conditonal visibility and collection wrappers gone. But now, we can’t just open the original page in a new tab and copy all the bindings by comparing the two. No, because when Webflow is open in 2 tabs at once, you remove the option to use Navigator (z). So we can’t copy our binding be looking at each element and copying it by hand.

You have extended the process of copying a page from 2 seconds to 4 hours.

Since we must create 4 copies of collections, you have extended 2 seconds into 16 hours.

Why can’t you just make the collections to unbind themselves automatically when copying? Oh, let me guess… it’s on the wishlist… GOD! When was even the last time anything from the wishlist was implemented…

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