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Can't clone project (otherfonts has too many items)

Hi guys, i found this beautiful UI Kit on the cloneable page of the showcase section. ( and for some reason I keep getting this error when trying to clone it. “otherfonts has too many items”. Is there a problem with the cloneable project itself or is it a problem on my behalf?


Hi @GabrielB, I was able to clone it perfectly.

If you hard refresh the Webflow site it may work!

Let me know,

Oh really? Unfortunately it didn’t work for me. That’s the first thing I’ve tried to do as well, I even tried logging in from incognito mode and clone from there. What could it be though… :pensive:

@Carlos_Ruiz_Del_Vizo silly question, but how many projects do you have in your dashboard? Also, are they “heavy projects” with lots of assets etc? Thanks :grin:

@GabrielB I must have around 100 projects. I try to keep it as cleaned as possible!