Can't click into CMS items

Hi Guys,

I have a site with a CMS collection, when I click into any of the items it just goes to a 404 error. Am I missing something obvious?

Thanks a million in advance.


Here is my site Read-Only: [LINK](Webflow - Waterford Civic Trust)
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It’s normal your cms page is blank, so it will not be published


I appreciate your reply, I understand what I was doing wrong. I’m attempting to pull the main body of the text from the collections, but as soon as I do that the text disappears and doesn’t show up on any breakpoint. From a glance can you tell what I’m doing wrong? And thank you by the way!

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Hi Billy

You need to put some text in your CMS fields other way that field will disappear Due to lack of text

Hi Moshe,

Thank you, my apologies, I was a bit ignorant to the basics of CMS templates, it’s all fixed now, and thanks again.

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