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Can't change/upload background image

Hi everyone, I’ve been experiencing this bug, where I can’t set new/another background image to the elements on the page, the dialog window just doesn’t pop up, I can only delete the image… ( here is the description of the bug ) This bug has been there for some time now and it doesn’t look like it’s something temporary, it keeps appearing on my screen again and again. Has anyone experienced it as well or can it be that it’s just only on my side. I did try on my husband’s pc and it’s the same problem. And same problem in incognito mode in chrome. And same goes for the position “handlers” (for margins and padding), they just dissapear… I really need to fix this as it slows down my work quite a lot. Please help! :slight_smile:

Hi @liouba, that’s really odd! What operating system is your computer and your husband’s computer running on? Also, can you also disable all of your extensions and see if that fixes the problem? (Sometimes incognito mode runs some extensions).

Hi @thesergie , sorry for a delayed answer, I also got your mail, but wanted to wait with answering till I get the bug again, but as usual it hasn’t appeared ever since I wrote the post! I will try to disable all extensions when it re-appears again. Maybe that will help. Anyhow, my system spec is the following

So it only appeared once and the bug is gone now? Yeah let me know if you notice something specific triggering the bug again.


will do!:slight_smile: and no it appeared many times before.

I experience the same thing (most recent version of chrome).

Hey @KProServices, I haven’t experienced it much lately, but I noticed it appeared mostly when I worked in the full screen browser. I don’t do it anymore, just trying to work in non-maximized browser when I design. Maybe that’s what caused it.

I figured out that when you experience this issue if you scroll the dialogue window will eventually show up. But it doesn’t at first… no pattern as to when/why.