Can't change flexbox settings ("purpled" out)

I have a flexbox wrapper (Wrapper / 2 Col) that has child elements Wrapper / Col1 and Wrapper / Col 2 inside. Wrapper / Col 2 is always going to be longer that Col 1 since it has more content in it. I want Wrapper Col 1 to stretch its height to fill out the empty vertical space, so that I can have the child element “sticky position” and scroll up and down with the content on the right.

For some reason, the flexbox control on the Wrapper / Col 1 is purpled out, and I can’t change the value. It is not purpled out and disabled on Wrapper / Col2. Does anyone know what causes this?

Screenshot 2023-05-31 at 13.56.32

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hi @simonp I was not able to find where you have set global align. It may be a glitch. Just remove wrapper and se a new one. In screenshot is how it should be structured but I have removed unnecessary div elements.