Can't center images in Large Screen view

I cloned a portfolio page and added it to my site and I’ve noticed all the placeholder images shift down and look awkward on the main Portfolio page in Large Screen view (1920px and up view). Not sure if it’s because of the size of the images but all the smaller views such as desktop, tablet, etc. automatically scale and look fine. I’ve tried adding a div block and making it flex but it didn’t change anything. I’m still fairly new with Webflow so not sure what other tips and tricks to try. Is there a way to centertralize the images like it does in desktop view when looking at the Large Screen view?

Here is my site Read-Only: (Webflow - Asha's Top-Notch Site)

Yes it must be because image can scale only to 100% of the real size ( by default). So on large screen, image can’t scale up to the required size.

Test this by replacing basic images with super large images and see what appen

Thanks so much! It definitely helped. The images are still being cut off a little but making them larger helped the cut not be so awkward.