Can't assign a class in a button with custum code in a rich text


I try to make a button in a rich text using custum code but and I dont know why, I can’t assign a class to that button…

I want to put the class “Butto” but it seems nothing happen

I try to make it on thta page

Here’s the code

<a href="">
  <button type="button" class="Butto">
    Click Me

the screenshot

And the read only

Thanks for your help

Hi @ITryMyBest,

It looks like the class is being assigned correctly - you’ll just need to change the class from ‘Butto’ to ‘butto’ and it should pick up the styling!

If this still isn’t working, please let me know!

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Just no way. Sometimes things are ridicoulously easy.

Thank you so much Milan!

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